Field of research and methods

In our research, we focus on the fields of school and different forms of supported living in the context of disability and mental illness. While the BSU takes a closer look at the field of housing, the University of Vienna investigates the field of school. The focus is on the subjective experiences of children, young people and adults with disabilities and mental illness. Furthermore, we are interested in how political measures (decrees, ordinances, etc.) affect the everyday work of professionals in the fields of supported housing and schools.

The research project uses a participatory approach and combines critical discourse analysis with grounded theory.

From 2021 to 2024, we will conduct participatory longitudinal survey phases in schools as well as in different residential facilities and forms of housing for people with disabilities and mental illness. The research participants document their everyday life and their experiences in times of the pandemic primarily with the help of audio and video recordings. This survey is complemented by narrative interviews.
We conduct narrative interviews and focus group discussions with staff of supported living facilities as well as with teachers and school administrators in order to gain comprehensive insights into their daily work.
With the help of critical discourse analysis, we investigate the significance that disability and vulnerability have taken on in the development of political discourses and measures. We are particularly interested in the associated view of disability.
Based on the collected data, research participants together with representatives of civil society, human rights and public administration, accompanied by theatre educators, will develop a model for an inclusive crisis monitoring for future challenges in an artistic process.

Throughout the research process, we are particularly concerned with adhering to ethical considerations and data protection regulations.